Plot With Other Women’s Rights Advocates at Fall Femiknits at Prosperity Social Club

Mon 9/25@ 7PM

Hey there, you advocates for women’s reproductive rights! The Ohio legislature is back in session, and that means it’s time to get together with fellow feminists to plot, plan and work on your sewing project in a social setting at Fall Femiknits at Prosperity Social Club in Tremont.

There you can order some drinks and food and add some stitches to that sweater you’re knitting for the cold weather ahead, or maybe a gag for your least favorite legislature (may I suggest Candice Keller?) Or just talk with fellow women’s rights advocates to learn what you can do to help block some of the medieval anti-woman bills being proposed in the Ohio legislature, maybe even make some calls to the office of the CEO of Toledo’s ProMedica hospital system in support of Capital Care, the last open abortion clinic in Northwest Ohio.

All who support a woman’s right to control her own body are welcome; bring friends. It’s free.

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