Photo Show ‘The Unamericans’ in Kent Takes a Look at Last Year’s Republican Convention

Thu 9/7 @ 5-7PM

When Cleveland’s bid to land the 2016 Republican National Convention was successful, there was much ballyhooing about what a splendid opportunity it was for city. Who knew that it would be one of the most contentious conventions in recent history, with extremists and haters of every stripe flooding the city and the meanest and least qualified candidate ever the star of the show?

But it was a golden opportunity for photographers such as Bruce Checesky, who teaches film and museum studied and is the director of the Reinberger Gallery at the Cleveland Institute of Art. His show The Unamericans is on view at Kent State University’s Downtown Gallery through Sat 9/23, with an opening reception Thu 9/7 @ 5-7pm.

Checefsky used an IPhone 5 to photograph the people and activities taking place in the streets of downtown Cleveland during the convention, as an attempt to get to know who these people were and why they supported Trump.

“The intention,” he says, “is to present the work as an act of social discourse during these extraordinary times.”

The reception is free and open to all.




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