MANSFIELD: How to Lose … and Still Win

First off, my sincere thanks goes to my hard-working and dedicated campaign team, as well as the host of volunteers, supporters, well-wishers and friends (both old and new) that enthusiastically lent their efforts in my bid — albeit failed — to become the city councilman for Ward 7. The last six months have been a blast, and as I’ve said more than once on this journey, “Running for public office is something everyone should do at least once in their life.” Once being enough, thank you.

My reasons for entering the contest are truer now than before I entered the race: I want to reignite the development and progress I witnessed when my wife and I moved into the ward 17 years ago. My sincere desire is to make my community a better and safer place to live, work and raise families. I will forever remain dedicated to that cause.

One of the huge pluses of my running is that it has lifted the profile of our enterprise, the Vineyards and Winery of Château tremendously. I couldn’t have bought the kind of free publicity we’re received since we began the campaign for tens — perhaps hundreds — of thousands of dollars. Additionally, a local option was on the ballot to allow us to obtain our permits to operate the winery, and the issue passed with flying colors. Soon everyone can stop by and sample our fine wines — and of course purchase a case or two. OK, maybe just one.

But we win in other ways also. There’s a certain kind of political calculus that goes into campaigns that can pay dividends in myriad ways in the near future and down the road … and at a later date I’ll explain in detail what I mean by that cryptic comment.

But for now, let me just thank General Patton (aka as my wife Brenda) for completely mastering the intricacies of electoral politics in a very short period of time. Without her I would truly be nowhere.

Thanks again to all of my friends that called me the day after the election, just to check on me to see how I was doing. Those are the friends that count.

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