Learn a Healthier Way to Garden at the Pollinator & Native Plant Symposium at Tri-C East

Fri 9/22 @ 8AM-4:30PM

Even non-gardeners have probably heard about pollinators such as bees and butterflies and how essential they are to our food system.

If you want to know more — a LOT more — whether you are a grower or not, come to Tri-C’s Eastern Campus for the 3rd annual Cleveland Pollinator & Native Plant Symposium.

There you’ll learn about how the health of our ecosystem depends not only on pollinators but on wildlife and plant diversity and how native plants are best designed to provide that diversity. You’ll learn how to design a landscape that’s healthy and resilient.

Tickets are $65, which includes breakfast, lunch and refreshments. The event is geared not only for professionals such as landscape architects, master gardeners and educators, but also the average homeowner looking to learn how she can create a healthier environment with plantings.



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