Learn More About the Conflict in Syria with the Cleveland Council on World Affairs

Mon 10/2 @ 5:30PM

With a so-called president who seems to be running foreign policy by schoolyard epithet, it’s hard to know which international crisis to worry about his making worst first.

Certainly the six-year-old conflict in Syria, which has created 11 million refugees both inside and outside the country and led to half a million deaths, is a troubling one with a variety of interests working at cross purposes — and sometimes shifting sides — while ordinary citizens are caught in the crossfire.

Faysal Itani, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, will be the guest of the Cleveland Council on World Affairs for its first Foreign Policy Forum of the season, to talk about the war in Syria, what’s happening, the impact of U.S. policies there and how Iran and Russia figure into the conflict. You’ll walk out know a lot more than Donald Trump, sadly.

It takes place at the Oswald Conference Center downtown. Admission is $25 or $5 for full-time students. To register, go to ccwa/six-years-later-an-exploration-into-the-syrian-civil-war.

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