Kids Can Get Excited About Chess at the Cleveland Public Library

Sat 9/16 @ 10AM-2PM

Playing chess is said to sharpen a person’s powers of perception and ability to strategize. At worst, playing chess will keep kids out of trouble. So bring them down to the first annual Kids’ Chess Fest at the Cleveland Public Library’s Main Branch downtown. It’s held in association with Invest in Chess, a Chicago-based group founded in 2014 to promote the educational benefits of playing chess and teach the game to young people.

“Especially in underprivileged communities,” they say, “our goals are, more specifically twofold: to use chess as a tool that can help increase the high school graduation rate and decrease crime and violence among young.”

There will be a chess tournament and a screening of Brooklyn Castle, a documentary about an inner-city junior high chess team, as well as snacks and refreshments. It’s free.


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