Final LOADED Concert at MOCA Cleveland Features Three More Boundary-Pushing Artists

Lisa Bella Donna

Fri 9/15 @ 8PM

Tonight’s the final concert in MOCA Cleveland’s LOADED series, evenings of experimental music that incorporates electronics, punk, avant rock and performance art, taking place on the museum’s loading dock.

This week, curators RA Washington (Guide to Kulchur, Mourning [A] BLKstar, Haley Morris (Pleasure Leftists, Kiernan Paradise) and Lisa Miralia (host of The Mysterious Black Box on WCSB-FM) have put together a program that features three more such artists: Work/Death, Lisa Bella Donna and MX SILKMAN.

Work/Death is the performing name of Providence, RI composer Scøtt reber, who draws on industrial noise, experimental electronics and the history of 20th-centry avant-garde music to make his own personal statement.

Mx. Silkman aka Aerin Ercolea, co-founder and resident DJ of Cleveland queer- and radical politics-oriented dance parties, looks to post-industrial electronic music to put together sets that energize a dance floor while making a statement about the alienation on contemporary life.

Multi-instrumentalist/composer Lisa Bella Donna works with musique concreté, modular synthesis, and analog and digital recording techniques, composes film music, and performs and records as a jazz drummer and keyboard player with numerous ensembles and musicians. She’s best known for her work with Columbus-based prog/psych band EYE.

The concert is free and open to all.



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