Don’t Give Up the Ship at the Great Lake Erie Boat Float

Sat 9/9 @ 10AM

Usually hearing about floating masses of plastic in our waterways is a bad thing. But it’s a fun and frolicsome illustration of recycling when it’s the Great Lake Erie Boat Float.

Held in association with the Cleveland Museum of Natural History for nine years now, this Edgewater beach sort-of regatta uses repurposed plastic and cast-off material in a boat race/design competition. Teams launch from the shore, go out 300 feet and come back, with prizes awarded for design imagination as well as seaworthiness. There is also a special Li’l Sailors category for children and their small craft built out of recyclables.

Immediately following the Boat Float trophy ceremony, a volunteer cleanup party finishes with a 21-and-over after-party (hopefully plastic cups won’t litter the area!). Spectating at the Great Lake Erie Boat Float is free.


[Written by Charles Cassady Jr.]

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