Author James Renner Tells Stories About Unsolved Cleveland Crimes at the Music Box

Wed 9/13 @ 7PM

The Cleveland Stories series, hosted by the Music Box Supper Club in conjunction with the Cleveland History Center, launches its new fall run of programs this week.

The opening program “The Serial Killer’s Apprentice” features local journalist turned novelist James Renner. He’ll bring his fascination with unsolved crimes such as the murder of 10-year-old Bay Village girl Amy Mihaljevic in 1989. (He’s written a whole book about the case). It’s likely to be one of the region’s most intriguing unsolved crimes he’ll cover in his program.

Doors open at 5pm with a $20 fixed price dinner available, along with a regular menu. (Tonight it includes Dahmer’s Least Favorite Soup, Braised Pork “Torso” and “Boston Strangler” Cream Pie). The program, which is free, starts at 7pm.


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