We always try to do the right thing. I’m sure you’re the same. And most of the folks that CoolCleveland covers make it a habit. Some have even made a life by doing good.

John Visnauskas brings together his love of reggae and his passion for feeding the elderly. Heights Music Hop showcases musical talent in Cle Hts with a moveable feast. Soulcraft Workshop’s grand (re)opening puts tools in the hands of makers. The Maltz Museum throws open its door to help kids Stop The Hate.

So this week, do right by your community. Even if it just means buying a ticket to a show, or showing up somewhere new. Like NEOCycle, the largest urban bike festival in the country. Or a concert on the loading dock at MOCA. A talk on race and football in Canton. A Slovenian Sausage Festival in Kirtland. A house concert in Shaker. Cleveland Book Week for free all over town. Sometimes just being human is the most humanitarian thing you can do. –-Thomas Mulready


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