Surf Guitar Legend Dick Dale Is Back at the Grog Shop

Sat 8/12 @ 8:30PM

Dick Dale is King of the Surf Guitar — no competition. Before anyone heard of the Beach Boys, Dale was putting out his sinuous instrumentals that were blasted on transistor radios on beaches up and down the California coast. Those tunes set the standards for a rash of records that followed in the early-mid ’60s.

Dale took up surfing as a teenager when his family moved to Southern California, and that eventually found confluence with his passion for music and his Lebanese background heritage whose influence can be heard in a vaguely middle-eastern feel to many of his tracks.

Dale’s now 80 and he’s still out there on the road. He’ll be returning to the Grog Shop where local classic-style rockers Scoliosis Jones opens. Tickets are $35.


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