If You Still Have Your Childhood Fascination With Dinosaurs, This Month’s Science Cafe at the Music Box Is for You

Mon 8/14 @ 7PM

One thing that seems to bind generation after generation of kids is their unflagging fascination with dinosaurs. And some of them carry this interest into adulthood.

For those adults who can’t shake the allure of these prehistoric critters, the monthly Science Café at the Music Box Supper Club presents “How the Science of Paleontology Brings Dead Bones to Life.”

Paleomammalogist Darin A. Croft, a professor in the Department of Anatomy at the CWRU School of Medicine, will talk about what can be learned about what life was like long before humans walked the earth (despite what that creationist museum down in Kentucky says, no, humans and dinosaurs did not live at the same time) from fossils. He’ll talk about what exactly a fossil is, how it’s created, how its age is determined, and how scientists decipher information from them. And he’ll talk about how this knowledge benefits us today.

Doors open at 5:30pm, with food and drink available for purchase. The program runs from 7-8pm.



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