VIDEO: Fugue State: Modern Music and Dance in the Woods at Forest Hill Park

Sun 8/27 @ 2PM

While Matt Kiroff, director of the Pith and Root of Sleep was a student at CIM, Forest Hill Park in Cleveland Heights became a sacred space for him and his peers. They would go there to escape from the stress of school and live their lives in the in-between places of their work. The Pith and Root of Sleep presents their latest multimedia performance, Fugue State: Modern Music, Art, and Dance in the Woods, a site-specific work at Forest Hill Park which celebrates these in-between places, the places between the natural and artificial worlds.

CoolCleveland’s Stephan Haluska met up with the Pith and Root of Sleep’s Matt Kiroff and Jenna Barvitski at Forest Hill Park to discuss this upcoming performance with their large cast of local and regional musicians, dancers, performance and visual artists. The Pith and Root of Sleep have been performing in Cleveland since 1997.

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