So Many Beer Collectibles You’ll Need a 12-Step Recovery at the CANvention in Cleveland

Sat 8/26 @ 9AM-3PM

 We knew it was a bad idea when a bunch of artsy-fartsy types started CAN as the “Cleveland Artists Network.” Everyone knows that around here, CAN can only mean one thing: the metal container beer comes in.

 And the Brewery Collectors Club of America — for the very first time — are using Cleveland as the venue for their annual “CANvention” of members passionately involved in preserving the artifacts of liquor history. The 2017 edition will be the 47th year they’ve been saying, “Yes, I CAN” (to coin a phrase)..

Members-only events happen on Thursday and Friday at the downtown Hilton where the convention takes place, but on Saturday the “trading floor” of collectibles opens to the public (with a $10 admission). Come to browse and buy rare bottles, cans, signs and saloon-related memorabilia, many relics even dating before Prohibition.

And it is an all-ages event too, no 21-and-over for breweriana.


[Written by Charles Cassady Jr.]

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