With Great Batons Come Great Responsibility at Cleveland Orchestra Superhero Concert

Sun 8/13 @ 7PM

In case you haven’t noticed, everything these days is about superheroes (except for superhero comics, which are all about pirates — yes, one or two of you maybe were nerdy enough and got the Watchmen reference; bet you don’t have any girlfriends either).

Appropriately enough then, the Cleveland Orchestra’s summer concert series at Blossom Music Center offers a night of stirring movie-theme music leaning towards heroic movie soundtrack suites.

Prepare to “marvel” to orchestral takes on theme music for Batman, James Bond/Austin Powers, Spiderman, Superman, Star Trek, assorted Sherlock Holmes spinoffs and even such off-kilter additions at Forrest Gump and Eliot Ness’ Untouchables.

Maestro Richard Kaufman conducts, and if you say that it’s a bad sign because “Maestro” was an Incredible Hulk villain, then you really don’t have any girlfriend, and most likely never will. Tickets begin at $30.


[Written by Charles Cassady Jr.]


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