Everybody Cut Footloose at Cedar Valley Square Dance in North Olmsted

Fri 8/11 @ 7-8:30PM

Fri 8/25 @ 7-8:30PM

Clergy, PTA organizations and juvenile-delinquency experts have closely watched the ominous resilience of square dancing in this country.

Barns that could have hosted perfectly normal ecstasy raves are instead resounding with telltale sounds of fiddle playing and cries of “Swing your partner round and round!” Some even fear that the dark allure of square dancing might come to displace such cherished American music traditions as rock and roll, gangsta rap and Norwegian Satanic black metal.

Until authorities see fit to enact proper legislation, we can only let you judge square dancing’s seduction of the innocents for yourselves. A regional hotbed for square dancing is Frostville Museum’s Cedar Valley Square dance meetings in the Rocky River Reservation of the Metroparks. The curious can participate or just watch in voyeuristic fascination, as caller Frank Koenig leads circle, line and square dances.

Complimentary lessons for beginners precede each session, so come dressed for movement. May God have mercy on you all. Admission is free.


[Written by Charles Cassady Jr.]

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