Cleveland Arts Prize Showcases Past Winners at Cain Park

2009 Cleveland Arts Prize winner Ernie Krivda

Sat 8/12 @7pm

The Cleveland Arts Prize, which has been honoring new, mid-career and established contributors to the Cleveland arts community for more than 55 years, is showcasing some of its recent past winners at Cain Park’s Alma Theater.

CAP trustees Robert Maschke (CAP 2011) and Peter van Dijk (CAP 1969) host the evening, which features Bill Wade (CAP 2012) and the company he founded, Inlet Dance Theatre; a short film by experimental filmmaker/mixed media artist Kasumi (CAP 2014); the Cleveland School of the Arts (CAP 1996) Montage, The Band!; jazz saxophone player Ernie Krivda (CAP 2009); poet/playwright Dr. Mary E. Weems ; and CAP talks by poet Dave Lucas (CAP 2016) and musician/conductor Liza Grossman (CAP 2016).

Tickets are $35-$75.



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