Preterm Screens Film About the Tragedies That Occur When Abortion Is a Crime

Mon 7/17 @ 6-8PM

What kind of society do you have when women are forbidden from having control over their own bodies? While mostly male politicians are crying crocodile tears about protecting the “unborn,” the lives of born women in such countries are miserable.

The documentary film, A Quiet Inquisition, visits Nicaragua where every pregnancy termination is considered a crime — even many miscarriages. It follows a doctor as she deals with issues that put her at a crossroads between breaking the law and saving a woman’s life.

The film will be screened at women’s health clinic Preterm, as part of its monthly community outreach series. The film is in Spanish with English subtitles. A discussion will follow, of course. It’s free and open to the public, and there is parking in the Preterm lot for those who want to avoid the self-righteous anti-choice zealots out front. Again, mostly male.



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