North Carolina Singer/Songwriter Nikki Talley Does House Concert in Ohio City

Sat 7/22 @ 7:30PM

One thing we love about the Mechanic Street House Concerts, taking place in Lynn and Joel’s Ohio City living room is their no-holds-barred enthusiasm for the musicians they host.

“We have one simple rule about who we host concerts for: we have to love their music,” they relate. “So, if we don’t already know them, musicians that contact us about hosting a show have to be so good that it’s love at first listen. It hardly ever happens.”

The only time they’ve been so impressed of the 50 new artists who have contacted them this year is when they heard Nikki Talley who performs at their house this week.

 “We’ve just about worn out her latest CD, Out of the Harbor, they say. “It’s hard to decide what’s more powerful — her voice or her award-winning songs. Both reflect her home in North Carolina — you can hear the soul and the spirit of the place.”

She’ll be performing with her guitarist husband Jason Sharp.

“Some of our best concerts have been duos that are couples — Nikki and husband/guitarist Jason Sharp are definitely going to keep that streak intact,” they tell us.

Want to get in on it? Email them at  to make a reservation. It’s a $20 suggested donation, all of which goes to the performers.



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