Happy Dog Takes on the World Explores the Potential for War in Outer Space

Tue 8/1 @ 7:30

With our so-called president making random threats to other countries, including some seemingly disconnected with any real-world events, it’s time to give you something else to worry about: weaponizing outer space.

The topic for this month’s Happy Dog Takes on the World, taking place at the Happy Dog in Gordon Square and co-sponsored by the Cleveland Council on World Affairs, is “Space: The Final Frontier — for War?”

“The Outer Space Treaty of 1967 provides the basis for international space law,” they explain. “Its focus is on preventing the weaponization of space — from restricting nations’ ability to claim celestial resources to prohibiting the testing of weapons of mass destruction in space. Space remains an important defense category, but do these 1967 laws still make sense? Can the existing laws around space continue to be enforced? Are there steps that can be taken to prevent a space arms race? Is space the next frontier for war?”

The discussion will cover law relating to use of space, and the policy and business implications of its increasing use. Yeah, it’s WAY above Trump’s head and without the opportunity to build a golf course there, he’s not open to learning. Be very afraid. But it’s free, so come and eat a hot dog and listen.


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