Fin Fest is a Presentation with Teeth at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium

Sat 7/22-Sun 7/30 @ 10AM-4PM

So are there really such things as sharknadoes? And how did mankind survive them before we had David Hasselhoff? Such questions may be asked (though one hopes we can do better) at the shark-themed Fin Fest, at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium in the Flats.

Sharks have been getting bad press ever since Herman Melville, not to mention Peter Benchley (you Internet kids reading this have no idea what those names mean, right?). Fin Fest attempts to restore some respect to the much-feared and now-overfished and over-hunted sharks, many species of which (such as the nurse shark and the gigantic whale shark and basking shark) are harmless.

Aquarium visitors to Fin Fest will hear shark tales told by Captain NEO, meet members of five different shark species, and even view the U/W world through a high-tech “shark cam.”

Fin Fest comes with regular Aquarium admission.


[Written by Charles Cassady Jr.]

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