A Day in Parma, a Night in Ukraine at the St. Vladimir Ukrainian Festival

Sat 7/22 @ 12-11PM

The Ukrainian Village ethnic festival at St. Vladimir Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral in Parma announces itself in church literature as “a very Ukrainian Festival 2017.” This, no doubt, to distinguish itself from the merely semi-Ukrainian festivals. Even St. Valdimir doesn’t want a lukewarm Yelp score.

This total immersion in the Ukrainian experience stars the acclaimed band Harmonia, as well as costumed ethnic dancers. There will be traditional Eastern European arts and crafts, and, of course pierogis prominent among the delicious food.

Scheduled church tours should carry a warning right of A Christmas Story, as you can poke yer eye out, kid, on the splendor of those gleaming golden icons and onion domes.

Admission and parking is free.


[Written by Charles Cassady Jr.]


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