Akron Honey Company Market Days Are for Supporting Local Businesses and Socializing

Sun 6/25 @ 1-5PM

Last year, Akron Honey Company, founded in 2014 by Brent Wesley, known to many as the leader vocalist for Wesley Bright & the Honeytones, held a couple of Akron Honey Company Market Days. They invited other local entrepreneurs, mostly with food and drink products, to join them at their Crestland Park hive location, to display the growing number of locally made, high-quality artisan products available.

They’ve got more Market Days on their calendar this year, which they’ve now dubbed “open air social markets.” You can pick up their honey and personal care products, and patronize other Akron-based businesses and products including Akron Coffee Roasters, Not Yo’ Daddy’s Mexican Hot Sauce, Ms Julie’s Kitchen’s vegan food, Sweet Mary’s Bakery, Popsmith’s ice pops, the Square Scullery food truck, Stray Dog Carts, Café & Condiments street food, Saint Augustine and Suds artisan bath products and the Garret Candle Company. DJ Forrest Webb will be providing music to create a more festive atmosphere.

Don’t expect a run-of-the-mill farmer’s market though. There’s a lot of ambition behind this event.

“There is a completely different vibe because of the setting (old brick road in a beautiful old neighborhood), selection of business owners (hand-picked participants who have a history of demonstrating kindness, perseverance, positivity, and who have understanding of the importance of people), there is a strong influence to be social (meet some new folks, finally see an old friend, connect with your family etc.),” says the event’s promotion.

“An Open Air Social Market is a market that’s aware of socio-economic problems, civic issues, underrepresentation of certain groups (gender, race, ethnicity), and reacts accordingly,” it explains. “For example, an upcoming market will feature only women entrepreneurs.”

So come with a good attitude and plan to hang around!


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