Learn About The Negro Motorist Green Book & Travel in the Jim Crow Era at the Cleveland Hts Library

Thursday, May 18 @ 7 pm

A recent installation at SPACES Gallery by Philadelphia artist Imani Roach called Havens took a look at a sad time in American history when Jim Crow-laws made necessary the creation of the Negro Motorist Green Book, a guide to where African-American travelers could stay, eat, shop and get service. It was published from 1936-1966; few white people, with a full range of options for their AAA-planned trips, know it even existed.

Intrigued? Heights Congress is sponsoring an interactive World Café program at the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Library’s main branch on Lee Road. Attendees will be asked to map out 1953 trip, AAA-style, using the Green Book to explore how that might have felt to a family whose options were limited by their race.

Dr. Tameka Taylor of Compass Consulting will guide the activity and discussion. There are also refreshments which might have been hard for that black traveler to find in 1953, and they certainly wouldn’t have been enjoying them alongside a white person, as visitors to the CH-UH Library almost certainly will. Times are changing, even if Jeff Sessions might wish otherwise.

The program is free and open to all. Reservations are not required but are appreciated. Call 216-321-6775 or go to events.heightslibrary.




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