Guitar Virtuoso Eric Johnson Brings His Electric Band to the Kent Stage

Sat 5/20 @ 8PM

Eric Johnson is one of those unassuming guitar heroes, who’s known to every guitar player but is less familiar to general audiences despite a hit with “Cliffs of Dover” in 1991 and a half dozen Grammy nominations (and one win, for “Cliffs of Dover”).

For one thing, the Austin-born and –based player is something of a musical chameleon who can shred like most aggressive rocker but also play subtle acoustic guitar. He’s also played jazz, folk, blues, new age and Americana as well as straightahead rock, which didn’t win him too many points with the shredder set when he emerged into public view in the metal-driven mid ’80s.

But he’s always had the deep respect of players who put depth ahead of empty flash and he’s maintained a solid career in the music community. Last fall he released his latest album, EJ, and now he’s on the road again with his Eric Johnson Electric Band, hitting the Kent Stage this week. Tickets are $32.




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