Books and Blooms Keep You in a Bind in Hinckley

Thu 5/18 @ 6-8:30PM

Fri 5/19-Sat 5/20 @ 9AM-6PM

Sun 5/21 @ 9AM-2PM

A plant sale and used-book sale combo in Hinckley? How poetic, as what are books but brilliantly reconstituted plant material? (Now watch, some smartass will comment that ebooks aren’t like that, and wreck the metaphor. Lousy digital technology…)

For six years now, Hinckley’s Our Lady of Grace Church has held its Bloom ’n Book Sale. More than 500 potted plants are up for sale, as well as thousands of secondhand books, at prices that won’t cost you a lot of “green.” A Thursday-night wine/cheese tasting starts off the weekend sale, with a $12 admission. There is no charge for entry after that.


[Written by Charles Cassady]

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