The Akron Portage and Paddle Fest Makes Waves

Sat 5/20 @ noon

Just in time for Mike Nesmith’s new autobiography, the Akron Portage and Paddle utilizes Nesmith Lake (no relation; we just like paying tribute to the underappreciated Monkee; guy invented the music-video, after all) for a canoe/kayak race and celebration.

Two connected waterways — one 6.5 K for serious racers, the other more of a 2.5 K fun-paddle course for families — allow participants to compete, including in relays, using either canoes or kayaks. The concluding part actually involves carrying your vessel overland (hence “portage”) to the finish line.

Another reason the course was chosen is proximity to ancient Indian encampments and sacred sites, making this a celebration of the earliest Ohioans (who also would have been impressed by Mike Nesmith). A strictly landbound bicycle component is also offered; register ahead for either on the website.


[Written by Charles Cassady]


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