VIDEO: Hiram-Maxim Channels Loss, Societal Regression & Righteous Indignation

Fri 4/14 @ 9 PM

CoolCleveland’s Stephan Haluska met up with the band, Hiram-Maxim to discuss their new album, Ghosts. Ghosts matches it themes of loss, societal regression, and righteous indignation with dark textures, punishing noise and pounding beats. By blurring the lines between composition and improvisation, Hiram-Maxim offers a new experience at every performance. There’s a map but they don’t go the same way every time.

Hiram-Maxim Ghosts

Watch as Fred Gunn (vocals), Dave Taha (guitars), Lisa Miralia (electronics), and John Panza (drums) of Hiram-Maxim give an exclusive live performance of a track off of their new album. Join Hiram-Maxim as they celebrate their record release at Now That’s Class with bands Dèche, Ex-Astronaut, and DJ Marc Lansley.


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