Spring into the Cleveland Seed Bank in North Olmsted



Sun 4/23 @ 2PM

If you’ve never heard of the Cleveland Seed Bank, you should. Just in time for planting season, the Cleveland Metroparks’ Rocky River Nature Center is helping make the introduction.

Seed banks — both private and government-sponsored — have begun worldwide in response to the fact that Big Ag and factory farming have driven many “heirloom” crop species and biologically diverse herbs to the brink of extinction, as our fields are given over to monocultures, of all the same fruit or vegetable. That’s why you can only basically buy only type of banana at the store (and if a banana blight hits…no more bananas).

Reps for the Cleveland Seed Bank will be on hand at the Rocky River Nature Center to discuss seed-saving on a neighborhood and small-gardener basis (a grassroots movement, one might say). The presentation is free and open to all.


[Written by Charles Cassady]

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