PHOTOSTREAM: Tax Day March by Anastasia Pantsios

Sat 4/15

In cities across the country people gathered to rally and march on the traditional income tax deadline day (this year taxes are due April 18, because of the weekend and Easter holiday) to draw attention to the fact that Donald Trump has violated a longstanding tradition that all presidential candidates release their income tax returns to assure that their business dealings are above board and that they have no conflicts of interest. With Trump having a wider network of business interests, including foreign ones, he needed to do so more than any president before him.

However, he ducked and dodged his way through the campaign, saying “later” or insisting he couldn’t release them because he was being audited. Now he’s saying defiantly he just won’t and saying, despite polls showing around 70% of Americans think he should, that people aren’t interested. The Tax Day Marches were intended to show that they are.

In Cleveland hundreds of people turned out to rally at the Free Stamp in Willard Park, despite winds tat blew signs out of people’s hands and a downpour that started just as the march down E. 9th and up Euclid to Cleveland State began. There were more speakers outside the CSU student center and all made it clear: people DO want to know what Donald Trump’s business interests are so they can see if his policies serve Americans — or himself.

View the PHOTOSTREAM here.


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