Celebrate Record Store Day at the Beachland Brunch With Wax Mage Records


Sat 4/22 @ 11AM

It’s Record Store Day. So if you’re not going to the big March for Science or heading to one of the numerous Earth Day celebrations or clean-ups around the area or the opening day of the Cleveland Flea or … well, surely, sometime in there you can find time to hit your favorite record store, and pick up one of the special items made available specially for independent record stores around the country.

Here’s one place you can go: Waterloo Road. There you’ll find no fewer than three places to browse records — Music Saves, Blue Arrow and This Way Out (toy store StarPop may have some records too, we’re not sure, but browsing vintage toys is fun too). Go crazy! Buy a record — or two, or three.

You will also find the Beachland Tavern’s special Record Store Day brunch from 11am-3pm which will feature DJs from Wax Mage Records and a pop-up shop where you can purchase these unique pieces of vinyl made by Heather and Sarah down at Gotta Groove Records. You don’t even need to know or like the music — these things are works of art. Stick around for a free matinee show from 3-6pm featuring Bummed Out, Forager and the Spoon Bros DJs SB and Dubb Dizz.





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