Cleveland Favorite Southside Johnny Is Back at the House of Blues


Sat 3/18 @ 8PM

He’ll always have Cleveland. Southside Johnny is so embedded in the collective cultural memory of Cleveland rock and rollers, he might as well be Michael Stanley.

Although he was born and raised on the Jersey Shore, Southside Johnny Lyon and his horn-driven R&B/blues/rock band the Asbury Jukes struck a chord in northeast Ohio from the release of their debut album, I Don’t Want To Go Home, in 1976. With WMMS pumping them endlessly, like Michael Stanley they were able to headline 20,000 capacity Blossom Music Center, something they couldn’t do almost anywhere else.

Vocalist Southside Johnny Lyon is the only remaining member of that original ensemble from 40 years ago, but nevertheless he persists, fronting a big band with his no-holds-barred vocals into which he throws himself, sweating, body and soul. The group’s latest album Soultime! came out in 2015, and as the title tells you, it’s not a huge departure from what they do best: balls-to-the-wall, bleeding heart soul music with no emotions held back.

Tickets are $30 in advance, $35 at the door.


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