VIDEO: The Music Settlement Summer Music Camps: “Happiest Place on Earth”

Samantha Macke was looking for a summer camp for her son Myles. She talked with CoolCleveland about why Myles is coming back for his third summer in a row, and why The Music Settlement stood out as they were looking for a Summer Music Camp. View the video here.


They have found that Myles’ musicianship has improved, he is applying for scholarships, he knows music theory, he’s experimenting with new musical genres, and he’s auditioning and competing in area music programs. In fact, Myles recently received a scholarship for an out-of-state program, due to his experiences at The Music Settlement.

What really matters to a parent? “This is just the happiest place on earth. This and Disney. The kids love it, they have so much fun. It’s challenging and engaging, but it is also supportive and friendly and warm.”


Discounts are available for early online enrollment. Learn more at or

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