Hear True Tales of Addiction at Westlake Public Library


Tue 3/7 @ 7PM

A Cleveland Clinic physician has a new prescription for the heroin epidemic. Cheap, with no side effects. It’s a new book she’s compiled.

Dr. Jamile Wakim Fleming, a liver specialist, was alarmed at the increased number of patients she saw in with liver ailments — not only damage from alcoholism but also part of heroin’s pernicious fallout. She was inspired to write How the Birds Stop Singing, a short book for the layperson — speaking to teenagers especially — based on firsthand accounts from addicts of the dangers of alcohol and drug use.

Dr. Fleming will present at the Westlake Porter Public Library, in a book program open to both youth and adults. Admission is free, but advance registration is requested.


[Written by Charles Cassady] 

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