Artist/Performer MegLouise Stages Interactive Project/Events to Remind People About “The Joy of Voting”


Wed 11/2 @ noon-2pm

Fri 11/4 @ 6-8pm

Sat 11/5 @ 1-4pm

“You can’t win from behind your screen — get out and vote,” says artist/performer MegLouise (Megan Young), known for her interdisciplinary interactive mixed media performance/installations.

Citizen University, a national organization which aims to get people more engaged in civic life and excited about “the joy of voting,” is presenting Young’s Unsuccessful Wrestling interactive media and movement installation, in which participants mix it up with digital wrestlers.

She says, “The game-like environment reminds everyone that action is key in any election year. The atmosphere is reminiscent of the woman’s suffrage era in the USA, with protest poster-style banners and make-your-own analogue meme wrestling prints. Participants are asked what is getting them excited about voting this year and answers are compiled in the talking bubbles of cartoon wrestlers.

Come down to Akron’s Balch Street Community Center (220 Balch Street) and participate with Young and other local artists and volunteers.

“In this presidential election year, many people feel they have already said their piece because they have engaged in lively political debate with friends, family, or others online,” says Young. “However, as the installation reminds us, voting is about action. This Joy of Voting project reminds us how fun it is to put our weight behind a candidate and get into the thick of the action — putting our bodies in the process. Win or lose, Unsuccessful Wrestling reminds us that politics is a process of engagement.”


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