Whiskey Grade’s Moto Tour Arrives in Cleveland


Sun 7/10 @ 2-7PM

A couple of years back, Cleveland clothing designer Sean Bilovecky, of the ahead-of-its-time Dredgers Union on E. 4th Street, had a meeting of the minds with a Harley-Davison dealer and the publishers of Iron & Air, a New Hampshire-based magazine devoted to the motorcycle culture.

The result was Whiskey Grade, a retail shop with brick-and-mortar outlets in Cleveland, Denver and Los Angeles, featuring products for the cycling lifestyle carefully selected to set a certain mood: rugged, outdoorsy, organic, cool.

Currently, Whiskey Grade’s Moto Tour is making its way across America, promoting the culture it’s steeped in. It arrives in Cleveland this week, where it will set down its kickstand at Whiskey Grade’s Ohio City location for an afternoon-long gathering of the like-minded, a chance to ogle bikes ad to check out Whiskey Grade’s lifestyle merch.


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