Louis Prima Jr Plays for Music Box’s Special Swing Dance

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Wed 7/27 @ 7:30PM

Jazz trumpeter/vocalist Louis Prima was something of a chameleon, playing New Orleans jazz, big band jazz and swing becoming a lounge act before his 1978 death.

His son, Louis Prima Jr., didn’t fall too far from the paternal tree. After spending a couple of decades at a day job, he quit to make music his full time gig. He too plays the trumpet and sings, and is adept at a variety of styles that blur borders between jazz and pop. Sr. was known as “the king of swing,” and Jr. also swings with the best of them.

So he’s coming back to the Music Box Supper Club for a show that will be partly seated concert, partly swing dance. Doors open at 6 for dinner. At 7:30, Cleveland’s Valerie Salstrom of Get Hep Swing will lead a dance lesson for those who’d like to spend the evening on the floor. Then special guest Rio Scafone and the Rockabilly Revival take the stage to get the crowd not just warmed up, but red hot, for Prima and his band the Witnesses. Tickets are $22 in advance, $25 at the door.

Louis Prima Jr.


[Photo by Denise Truscello]

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  1. DrBOP

    If you’re a fan of his pop’s music (or Louis Jordan or the Treniers or DANCIN’!)…….


    NOBODY doin’ it like these folks these days!

    And no matter what ANYboddy sez,
    Junior is NOT just a gigolo ;^)

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