The Lottery League Announces Its 2016 Return

Lottery League
The Council confers during the 2013 Lottery League draft. Photo by Anastasia Pantsios

Fri 2/5-Sat 2/6

Sat 4/16

Cleveland’s now legendary Lottery League began in 2008 when four area musicians decided that musicians needed to be shaken out of their ruts and stumbled on the idea of inviting their friends in various local bands to throw their names in the hopper and form new, temporary bands with people they’d never played with. Each group would come up with a name, write a couple of tunes, and perform a few months later.

The success of that first event generated a second go-round in 2010. That was followed by an even bigger version in 2013 with special events for the “draft” and slot drawing for the “Big Show” which took place on three stages at the Agora.

Now Lottery League IV is barreling down on Cleveland’s music scene. It will kick off with a showcase/fundraiser taking place on both stages at the Beachland Ballroom and Tavern Fri 2/5. The two headlining bands emerged from the 2013 Lottery League, among the handful of bands each time who decide their ad hoc ensemble has some chemistry and stay together: Queen of Hell and Hiram-Maxim (who performed as Kill It With Fire). The Draft — when names are drawn to place musicians with bands — takes place at the Beachland the following night. The Big Show will again be held at the Agora on Sat 4/16.

Previous participants will receive an email shortly from the organizers on applying for this year’s Lottery League. Additional musicians will be added to the list via referrals from musicians who have taken part before.

“If you are a musician in a band that performs locally and someone who’s looking to join the Cleveland Lottery League for the first time in 2016, all you need do is have any participant from years past put in a referral for you,” says the organizers who call themselves “the Council.” “Do keep in mind, however, along with being open- minded, adventurous in spirit and good-humored, a priority for applicants in determining this year’s class will be given to those who have been actively apart of the local music scene as a musician in a band in recent years. The Lottery League has always been about drawing from and spotlighting all the great local bands and musicians we have in Northeast Ohio who play out regularly throughout our city and beyond, and the 2016 season will be no different. If this fits your description, make sure one of our veterans knows you’re interested so they can refer you.”

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Photo of the 2013 draft by Lou Muenz

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