* Fra Angelica


Fra Angelica is a collection of high quality art-to-wear.  The studio is filled with one-of-a-kind works of art, handmade by artists working in a variety of media.  Linda Damiani opened the retail store as an outlet for her art and as an affordable venue where other local artists may sell their work.




For Linda, it’s all about color and texture and knitting as art — as legitimate an art form as any other.  The process of creating her fiber art begins with finding the right materials — hand-painted yarns and unusual beads, buttons, and crystals, mixing colors and textures.  She hand knits her pieces using combination of the highest quality natural fibers, including silk, cashmere, and merino wool, using primarily the simple knit stitch.




In addition to supporting local arts, Fra Angelica supports sustainability efforts in the region.  Many of the artists use recycled, renewable, and sustainable materials.





Give yourself or someone who loves fashion, innovation, and creativity, the gift of a meticulously hand crafted work of art.  Go visit Fra angelica in the 5th Street Arcades.  Be dazzled by the beauty they have to offer.


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