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Men who are fearless about fashion and who kind of like it when heads turn and friends ask “WHAT are you wearing?” should head down the Kilted Bros. in the 5th Avenue Arcades. Yes, they specialize in kilts for men, and no— glad you asked – you DON’T wear underwear with them.

Naturally, a man bold enough to wear a kilt isn’t looking for strictly charcoal gray and navy so the kilts come in a variety of colors, patterns and plaids — there’s even a black leather kilt and a black VEGAN leather kilt. Fittings can be done via Skype.


Kilted Bros. provides some accessories too such as an array of decorative kilt pins and sporrans, those little pouches you see kilt wearers sport. There’s also a line of bear and cub accessories, and if you’re the market for them, you know what they that means.

530 Euclid Ave. Suite A





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