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It all started in 2013 when Loren Naji applied for a grant through Northeast Shores Development Corporation. His mission was to rehabilitate an old bungalow into something new, exciting, and unusual. From his home base on West 25th Street, Loren launched Satellite Gallery into orbit, with the hopes that it will explore and discover the outer reaches of the Cleveland art scene.

Satellite Gallery was engineered to display only installation art, utilizing the array of small rooms and cubby holes located within the diminutive bungalow.  Naji feels that art is what invigorates growth and prosperity in neighborhoods, making them great places for the community to thrive.

And always looking to reinvent himself and contribute new things to the art scene, he closed Satellite Gallery at the end of 2017 and reopened in June 2018 as the Church of Art, where he and his team of artist/innovators — Tina Ripley, Joshua Bentley and Megan Schimmoeller — will be brainstorming new projects designed to include a wider array of art makers than the usual suspects (much as Satellite Gallery did). Church of Art will serve as a home base for a projects all around he community.

442 East 156th Street

Cleveland, Ohio 44110

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