EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Larry Kirwan of Black 47, Coming to @KentStage @BlackFortySeven


Tue 10/7

Black 47 has announced they will complete one final tour and break up in November, 2014, exactly 25 years to the day from when the band played their first gig in the Bronx.

“It was a conscious decision: let’s get a date and put a cap on it. We’ve done 15 albums, 2500 gigs, a million different YouTubes, so why not just go out and let us choose, ” Black 47 leader Larry Kirwan told CoolCleveland in an exclusive interview. “We were in control. We called the shots.” Listen to the interview here:

Fortunately, they will be bringing to The Kent Stage on Tue 10/7 their unique blend of passionate rock and roll influenced by Hip-Hop, reggae and Celtic music, all wrapped in a full-octane party that makes Black 47 unique.

“We weren’t just a band singing pop songs,” relates Kirwan. “We were out there in the world. It was a very volatile time and a volatile city. We were the house band of the city of New York at┬áthat period.”


The band’s final performances and album Last Call,┬áheavily featured during their Farewell Tour, promise more emotional music and surprises, just as the band has come to expect throughout their storied career.

“There was a shooting at one of the gigs. It was all accidental, as it turned out,” Kirwan told Cool Cleveland. “We were a passionate band. There was a lot of drinking. It was volatile. Combustible at times.”

Tickets for the band’s final gig in Northeast Ohio takes place at The Kent Stage on Tue 10/7, with tickets available here.








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