* Akron Film + Pixel Festival


Cleveland isn’t the only NEO city with an awesome film fest. The Akron Film + Pixel Fest is sure to provide that much-needed indie film fix. And the fest isn’t just about films — there are games, too, and panels.

Akron Film + Pixel is creating a local culture of independent film right in the neighborhood. While fostering a strong independent film culture in Akron is certainly a goal of Akron Film+Pixel, the ultimate mission of the organization is to bring together creative people who are interested in film and other media, whether filmmakers or not.

“I would call it more of a social organization. I got involved n 2007 to get to know other people than myself, working on movies alone in my bedroom,” says founder Steve Felix. “I certainly feel like I’m part of a network now, and I have seen people through our contests who are now working as professionals.”


They also run the Nightlight¬†Cinema & Lounge, Akron’s non-profit Indie Cinema, at 30 N. High Street



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