Music Teacher Laura Webster Shows What She Can Do at Nighttown

Sun 11/3 @ 7PM

Laura Webster disproves that inaccurate old saw that maintains “Those who can do; those who can’t teach.”

After graduating from Sarah Lawrence College, the Hathaway Brown music teacher spent some time as a singer and songwriter in New York, performing in folk, rock, and funk ensembles, before coming back home to Cleveland to teach at the private girls’ school in Shaker Heights.

The versatile vocalist also has an album of original songs called Coming Home to her credit. And she’s an accomplished jazz and classical singer who has performed both genres in venues around town.

She’ll be showing what she’s got at Nighttown, where she’ll be performing with jazz pianist Matt Skitzki and his trio, as well as a lineup of special guest musicians. The full roster of players includes (in addition to Skitzki) two of her regular collaborators vocalist/guitarist Jim Carr and violinist Nikki Custy, plus bassist Alan Gleghorn, drummer Ricky Exton, guitarist Rob Grimwade, percussionist Jim Kooser and vocalist Kate Kooser.

Tickets are $10.


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