VIDEO: Jim Wadsworth: 14 Years of Jazz at Nighttown


Listen to Jim Wadsworth as he lists off the national and regional acts that have performed at Nighttown in the 14 years that he’s presenting jazz at this venerable Cleveland Heights restaurant/club:

Ahmad Jamal, McToy Tyner, Ray Brown, The Count Basie Orchestra,locals, ┬áKi Allen, Joe Hunter, Roy King, Marty Brock, Ernie Krivda, Sammy DeLeon, Jackie Warren, Dominick Farinacci, Jamey Haddad, Vanessa Rubin, “…some of them have moved back from New York City…” says Wadsworth.

“We’re sort of like a throwback to the old Supper Club days, like London House in Chicago or some of the big rooms in New York City. We have a lot of performers who play here say it reminds them of back in the day… We’re keeping the flame going.”

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  1. Louise Garrelts

    Very good interview with Jim Wadsworth of Nighttown.

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