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When long-time local gallerist Bill Busta announced in January 2015 that he would be closing his influential and important William Busta Gallery, artist and former operator of a gallery in Berkeley, California Lauren Davies, who had moved to Cleveland to be close to family, and her brother John Davies, who had lived in Cleveland for 35 and been active in the arts and culture community, contacted Busta and opened conversations about keeping his work going.

They opened the renamed 2731 Prospect Gallery in September 2015 with support from Busta and some tweaks, but a similar mission of presenting shows by and representing accomplished up-and-coming and veteran area artists. While their roster still includes some of the artists from Busta’s stable, they expanded their reach beyond northeast Ohio to bring in some topnotch regional artists to freshen up the mix. The gallery has also reached out to collaborate with other area arts supporters and experts, forming an advisory board to provide input in its programs.

2731 Prospect




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