Midnight Syndicate: Carnival Arcane premiere listening party

Mon 8/1 @ 7PM

Midnight Syndicate, Cle’s own Gothic/Halloween/Fantasy/Horror music composers, are set to release a new album called Carnival Arcane and you’re invited to the premiere listening party @ The Boneyard in Mayfield Hts on Mon 8/1. The party starts @ 7PM. At 8PM, Midnight Syndicate’s Gavin & Ed will play the CD and talk about the process at hand.

About the album: “The band’s fourteenth album in as many years, Carnival Arcane takes listeners on a journey through an early-20th century traveling carnival with a mysterious and sinister past. ‘The “dark carnival” is a classic horror theme. We’re really excited to put our own spin on it,’ said Gavin Goszka. ‘The heyday of the traveling carnival was the late-19th and early-20th century, which is the time period that really appeals to us in all our work with Midnight Syndicate,’ added Edward Douglas.”


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