Historical Psychic Ghost Tours @ Bohemian National Hall

Thu 7/28 @ 7PM

Sun 7/31 @ 2PM

Believe in spirits? Curious about the paranormal? Explore the world of spirits in two Historical Psychic Ghost Tours @ Bohemian National Hall.

The scoop: “Marianne Goldweber — Medium/Clairvoyant — will use her PSYCHIC abilities in addition to her skills as an archeological medium to take you back in history and talk to the spirits that still support and protect this amazing place. Bring a camera or recording device- it is a very active place.

“There are many paranormal phenomenons that you will experience for yourself; from orbs and ectoplasm to whispers and chills — in addition to time warp effects in many areas; the theatre and balcony — where some of the original members still watch performances from!”


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  1. Timothy J. Ensch

    Could you please provide a listing of upcoming walks in Northeast area?

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