Vineyards of Chateau Hough Volunteers Needed!

Sat 6/4 @ daybreak – noon

For all of the folks who said they could hardly wait to come volunteer at The Vineyards of Chateau Hough, the wait is finally over! And everyone else is welcome to come join us at 66th and Hough (one block north of Chester) and get their exercise on also.

On Sat 6/4, starting at daybreak and going to about noon (feel free to come anytime during those hours), we’ll be pruning the buds off the vines, doing some weeding, and making minor repairs to the irrigation system. Fun stuff.

Bring pruners and hoes (not that kind!) if you have them, gloves if you need them, and a sun hat. Or just show up, we’ll provide everything, including bottled water.

For those who are free during the week and are early-risers, I’m in the vineyard from 6 to 8 am every morning it’s not raining, trying to play catchup from all of the wet weather we had. Feel free to call me at 216.469.0124 with any questions.

Looking forward to seeing lots of folks …

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