CD REVIEW: What If EP by Jason Patrick Meyers

Jason Patrick Meyers

It’s hard to say what to consider your musical debut when you were born into music. Cleveland native Jason Patrick Meyers is prime example – a musician nearly by birth. It has taken him until now to put out his handcrafted debut, an EP entitled What If. Four songs in length, the EP is country. Not country twang, but music you’d want to listen to if you were driving through the country… with a fiddle.

The release kicks off with its strong song, one that appropriately shares its name with the EP’s title. “What If” illuminates life’s indecisions and decisions and how they will affect the rest of your life. The center focus is on love and the right person – weighing your life with someone against a life without. The songs are a swirl of acoustic and electric guitar, fiddle and drum. “The Jury” brings an anecdotal story of growing up in judgmental eyes and in the eyes of those typically judged. The message – treating everyone like a “jury judging me” – resonates well after the song.

Lastly comes “Whiskey Angel” and “Mississippi Rain,” the most traditional country songs off the EP. Piano breezes through “Whiskey Angel,” accenting a light-hearted song that undoubtedly will cause foot taps or full Western dancing. The songs are strong lyrically; whether you’re the type that listens just for words or for the beat, you’ll be satisfied with this EP.

Jason Patrick Meyers releases What If on Sat 6/11 @ the Beachland Tavern. Meyers will be playing alongside Whitey Morgan & The 78’s from Michigan, Robbie Jay Band from Youngstown and Guggy’s Rock-n-Roll Party 101. Preview his music at to convince yourself that this is a show you don’t want to miss!

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